Rafida Ahmed

Rafida Bonya Ahmed is a humanist activist, published author, and moderator at Muktomona blog. She works as a Senior Director in the Finance industry in the USA. She is the widow of Dr. Avijit Roy, a well known writer, blogger, and activist who founded Muktomona as the first online platform for Bengali speaking freethinkers. Roy and Ahmed were brutally attacked in the middle of the street by religious fundamentalists during a book signing trip to Dhaka, Bangladesh on February 26, 2015. Dr. Roy was hacked to death, and Ms. Ahmed was gravely injured. The same group has killed 4 other bloggers and activists, a university professor and one of Avijit’s publishers since. Bangladeshi Government has been reluctant to bring these killers to justice. Since the attack Ms. Ahmed has been working with international and local communities to help Bengali bloggers and activists. She is dedicated to drawing attention to the growing culture of impunity in Bangladesh.