Stage 6
20:00 - 20:30
Representation of Secret Services in PopCulture


Popular Culture picks up on a vast amount of political issues. We want to analyze how the re:presentation of Secret Services has changed in films and TV Shows after the leaks of Edward Snowden.


Popular Culture or “Mainstream”-Media is a means of transporting information to a lot of people in relatively little time and with low barriers concerning education, knowledge, class etc. Hence, Popular Culture usually has quite a big impact on collective memory and imagination of events and situations.

In this context we want to shed light upon the re:presentation of Secret Services since the Snowden Revelations focusing on films and TV Shows. For this research we also looked upon media published before June 2013 and try to understand how the re:presentation has, if so, changed afterwards and in which contexts Secret Services are pictured as “the good” or “the bad” side of a story.