Theresia Reinhold
Filmmaker & Historian

I am a historian and filmmaker focusing on relations of power and hierarchies in socio-political processes in the 20th and 21st century. This clear focus shows in my professional work as well as in my activism. Prior to working on my current project ‘Information. What are they looking at?’ I shot a documentary on the interconnection between the ‘American Dream’ and racism in the US titled ‘Dreams&Pieces’ as well as other short documentaries, in which I act as the script-writer, director, camera operator, editor and I conduct interviews. I also shoot narrative and experimental short films on rather under-represented issues. My latest film ‘Have you been missing me?’ deals with depression, sorrow and suicide without recreating the typical narratives and images. Moreover I hold a M.A. in Contemporary History, focusing on the 20th and 21th century, which of course shapes and sharpens my filmmaking as much as my vocational training in the fields of graphic and design. The third base of my filmmaking is my journalistic experience of five years in which I have been working for several online-magazines of the political and technological sectors.