Alissa Wahid
National Coordinator

Alissa Wahid is the Founder and National Coordinator of Gusdurian Network, a vast network of activists in Indonesia. It engages thousands of activists and supporters, with affiliate communities in 100+ cities. As a value-based network, it concentrates on values of humanity, justice, liberation (of any oppression), and peace. Currently, the Network focuses on issues of Multiculturalism, Democracy, and Human Rights. Highlight of 2016: International Day of Tolerance festival in 50 cities.   Wahid is well-known for her social media campaigns on many human right issues, while working endlessly at the grass root levels, supporting various cases of marginalized groups and discriminations. She is currently working on initiatives to counter violent extremism through interfaith youth projects. She is also involved in Islam Nusantara movement to promote peaceful Islam. Wahid, who is an Eisenhower Fellow for Leadership, believes that Indonesian politics are largely driven and dominated by oligarchs, and people are left behind. Where people lack effective channels for their political aspirations, the internet can play a major role to amplify the voice of the people, to educate people on their civic rights, and to bring about changes. Hence, Wahid’s dilligent capitalization of her social media channels.