19:00 - 19:30
Blogging & Youth Engagement in Ghana

Short thesis

It is an exciting time to be a political activist or Blogger in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly for the technically inclined. Online social media and other digital technologies are increasingly being used for political purposes. But this phenomenon raises the question of how, if at all, these new media actually perturb the political landscape.


These questions have been well-studied in Western contexts, but remain relatively under-explored in developing regions where traditional media are often scarcer, democracies are younger, and the effect of social media on politics has the potential to be quite distinct.

Also, talking about leadership in Africa, investment in the youths should be a paramount objective of all African government; the continent is booming and growing at an alarming rate, yes, many say this is good for the continent but we must realize that an illiterate population is bound to fail and slow down whatever growth the continent is trying to achieve.  We must empower and educate our youths, then they will carry on building upon the good legacy.

We shall be exploring effective ways youth empowerment and how Social Media was used in monitoring Ghana's election in 2012 and how plans are underway for another #GhanaDecides for the general elections before 7 November 2016.